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The Top Three Leagues of FIFA 18 Emerged With a Survey

EA Sports’ annual work of FIFA Series is going to meet with another new member this October.  FIFA 18, as we expected, will go farther than FIFA 17 on the way to an excellent game according to some gossips of its possible operation systems, soundtrack and graphics. The only thing that is confirmed by EA Sports is that they will establish a friendly relationship with Switch. So players will not only be able to enjoy themselves on Xbox One, PS4, PS3, and Xbox 360 but also to have a wonderful experience as a result of the special set of Switch. What’s more, old fans especially some Chinese fans of the game has always been eager to see their team in the game.We never doubt the ability of EA to gain the permission of some famous team. Let’s turn to a survey of the possible new leagues.

FIFA 18-vote

Explanations of The Ranking
According to the survey, we found the top three leagues: Chinese League, Indian League and German 3rd  League. I believe that you will not be surprised to see CSL. Because the news updated several days ago had talked something about CSL. Long ago we have seen a video indicated that a team from Jiangsu would be joined to FIFA 18. We found that the three leagues were almost put in the same place by net citizens. In the previous study of the ranking, Indian League seems more popular than Chinese League. Some Chinese even make complaints of that.Now, they have climbed to the number 1. This will be joyful for Chinese people to see their own team in an “international platform”. Indian League and German 3rd League had behaved perfectly in this season. That’s why they are widely supported. EA Sports always try to connect the virtual with the reality. So they must take player’s mood into consideration when they make decisions about the designs of FIFA 18.

FIFA 18-ranking
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