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The Result of FIFA 17 FUT Champions: 4 Asian Players Out

The expected result of FIFA 17 FUT Champions group stage has emerged with the end of all the competitions among different players from Europe, America. Unfortunately, Asian players all failed to take part in the final despite that Chinese FIFA fans possess a high expectation of them. Some Chinese supporters begin to make complaints about the server, the network speed, and they admitted that they even failed in a football game when competed with Europeans and North Americans in a self-mockery way.

The Emerging Eight Groups of Xbox One and PS4
8 groups and 32 players stood out in the group stage during which the match between Daxee Tass and The Royal has impressed us a lot. The intense match and the shocking result had aroused a hot discussion among gamers. In the last round of the group stage, Daxee Tass vanquished The Royal with a little higher score in goal difference. The most distinguished 16 players in the group stage consisted of 13 European players and 3 American players. Look forward to their fantastic performance in the final and make a prediction about the champion may be the concern later.

FIFA 17-8 groups
Reviews About 4 Out Asian Players
Some Chinese have no confidence in their national football team according to their grade in the past years. The lack of confidence in the real football game has an adverse impact on the virtual game also. Unluckily, their worries became true. This might also had some influence on gamers .The stronger desire, the more difficult for them to win. Most of players gave an objective remark on the failure of 4 Asian players. Since the FIFA 17 don’t set a server in Asia, so it is not favorable to Asian players. Especially Chinese gamers thought Chinese network is not appropriate for the game. And some of them cares little about the game. They seemed to have known the doomed failure. The friendlier environment in Europe and America for gamers guaranteed their victory since they were provided with more professional training and understanding. After all, most domestic gamers almost gain no support from their families. Xbox one players and PS4 players can’t even keep calm these days. You can buy FIFA 17 Xbox One coins at a reasonable price and cheap FIFA 17 PS4 coins here. As described in the name of our website, every customer of our site will be regarded as the VIP. You are entitled to enjoy a quick transaction with safe payment.  
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