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Nike Ordem Ⅴ:The Designated Ball of the Premier League in FIFA 18

E3 is around the corner. We will get some exact information of FIFA 18 in the upcoming exhibition. However we will not give up to explore more relevant news of it either. We were exposed to a video yesterday which indicated that the Premier League would possess their own ball in FIFA 18. I guess none will deny that developers of EA Sports prefer the Premier League to other leagues. The designated ball will be presented in the 2017-18 season.


The Designated Ball—Nike Ordem Ⅴ
Most football fans is quite familiar with Nike Ordem. Because it is a product based on the special demand of some leagues. The designer supposes that the match becomes more and more furious and players need a customized ball to help them to make a breakthrough. Given that players are always asked to improve themselves, the tool needs also be changed. So they hope Nike Ordem will bring the Premier League a surprise in FIFA 18. There are many factors that will have an impact on the result of a match. Ball is not an exception. Sometimes details count most.
FIFA 18-The ball of the Premier League

How Does Nike Ordem Work
Nike Ordem is specially designed to satisfy the high requirements of a wonderful game. Its shape and the touch are all carefully designed owing to that they not only influence the movements of a ball but also have a significant impact on the distance—how far your ball will move. In order to get such a proper ball, designers will have done a lot of experiments. Sometimes there will be 50 balls before the birth of the final one. So you can see the efforts they made. A wonderful game get many factors involved. Many people off the pitch also express their love for FIFA games within their ability. Nike Ordem just proves the point.
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