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FIFA 18 Will be On the Way to an Open World: The Mission of The Virtual Game

Once on the Fool’s day, there is a screen shot about FIFA 18. The News was seemingly from EA Studios which had aroused a hot debate on the open world among players. Some that clings to the rules and the formlity of the international game thought it was a terrific news for FIFA 18 to get involved in the open world. It means you can play as you like in any place with any method. This disobey some principles of a football game. Others just keen on the game looked forward to the change which would add a lot of fun to the game.

FIFA 18-open world

More Colorful Life (Imagination) of a Footballer
Some players has imagined a lot about the open world. It will contribute to making  the career mode and FUT champion more interesting. If you have taken part in a lot of matches, then you spare no effort to enjoy victory. Hoever, if you have no match, you are able to hang out with your friends. What's more , you can be an audience or a player of 2018 Russia World Cup.Then EA Sports must collect more materials about the places in which most main leagues have their events. You will enjoy yourself a lot according to your position. So FIFA 18 coins and points will be badly in need to enable you to enjoy more.

/FIFA 18-2018 World Cup

Fake News and Genuine Effort
Of course FIFA 18 won’t go open world. On the one hand, it is not proper for a strict and professional game. On the other hand, it is always getting closer to the reality. So EA Sports will try to avoid to be troubled by the virtual traits. However, we can shed a different light on the problem. FIFA 18 is said to have your own desigh of your team badge and also your dressing style. This is also a trend for the game going open world especially about the spare time of a footballer. : Our website has worked for FIFA series for many years. In other world, we grow with FIFA. By now, we provide cheap FIFA 17 coins, FIFA 17 points in different method. One of them will satisfy your demand. Please contact us and continue to focus on our website, we will get provide FIFA 18 sevice in the not long future.
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