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FIFA 17 Ultimate Team Most Common Mistakes

FIFA 17 is the best produced and best sell sports video game in the world, which sells ten times copies than PES 2017. Featuring The Journey, Squad Building Challenge, Ultimate Team Team of the Week, Transfer Market, it was unquestionably that major league clubs signed esports players for their team.
How to Improve Game Skills in FIFA 17? As for game beginners, the most important thing is not to master intricate move skills or in depth football strategies, however the less mistakes they make, the more chance to win they get.
Six Most Common Mistakes of Beginners
The most common mistake I see people do is not pass the ball around. Almost every game, my adversary tries to do a lobbed through pass continuously or try to run in a straight line towards the edge of the box to try to cross it in. As far as I am concerned, passing is the most important part of football. Ever since I stopped gaming Ultimate Team and started playing Career Mode with Legendary difficulty, I’ve learned that building up your gameplay, passing around the ball back and forth, create so many more chances for goals and that opened up space for players to run. I was surprised in a last week online game for few of my opponents do what I do. They just pass the ball forward and either try to get past my defenders. I believe it leaves them wondering what just happened and how the hell I got past all their defenders.
Know Your Players
Knowing the players you have belong to what kind of type is very important, so that you can grasp their strengths and weakness and you can play according to these characteristics. Making your player with the ball turn around to the opponent and face him with two buttons pressed - LT and RT (Xbox) or L2 and R2 (PS), thus adjusting the ball to the sides and back without ever changing direction, which is good for setting up passes or a skill move. Grasp the goal opportunity and let proper player in right position.

Create Space
Many don’t know how to expand their crossing space and even don’t clear the significance of space. Be patient too, being able to stay calm and collected in all situations, whether you are finishing a 1v1 or in dire need of a goal-line clearance from the defensive back line. A favorable passing space will make you easy to score. Never disturb your rhythm whether your opponent’s make a one-by-one defense or a tight line defense. Passing the ball back and forth to make your opponent’s defensive line looser and unnecessary run.
Don’t be Afraid to Take a Break
Although the ball control rate is important, never be fear to take a break when you are in the lead or you’ve fall into a deadlock. Well, there’s staying cool but there’s also knowing when you’ve had too much play time. Fatigue or extended play session can be a game killer too. Monitor your opponent constantly, one their defensive line shows you a flaw, try to drill in without any hesitation.

Be Careful of Shooting
It is key point of a football match that you should try not to shoot unless you have 100% certainty. Because once you fail to net the ball, it lost into opponent’s hands easily. As we all know, football isn’t a high score sports and always end up with 0-0 or 1-0, indicated the difficulty of score. That means you must put most your attention on defending and also never waste your opportunity of goals. Be patient before shoot, once done, your defenders may get anxious and make mistakes and your chance comes.
Have a Plan
That may not immediate effects, but still the most important thinking of football. Before you make a play for the goal, it’s best to think about your strategy. Once you’ve got it in your haed, make sure not to deviate from it, especially when you are on the defensive. You have multiple choice regarding how you defend, but make sure you insist to one style. Actually, a constant game strategy will keep your brain clear as always.
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