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Falmer Stadium: A New Choice of Stadiums of FIFA 18

We know that the success of EA Sports FIFA can be attributed to many aspects among which the most outstanding one is empowerment. We ordinary audience especially those just enjoy the game but not to choose to be a fan of one famous league care little about this. However, the empowerment of some leagues even their exclusive stadiums means a lot to these real fans. We often see a lot of complaints of the lack of stadiums. Falmer Stadium will satisfy some players’ desire in FIFA 18.

Falmer Stadium
Falmer Stadium has been known to us as the American Express Community Stadium or The Amex Stadium due to its sponsor. Located in the village of Falmer, Falmer Stadium serves as a home of Brighton and Hove Albion F.C.. According to the latest news, Falmer Stadium will be firstly chosen as the stadium of the Premier League football in August, 2017. The fact indicates that developers of EA Sports still prefer to the Premier League in the nest season which may disappoint some players.

FIFA 18-Falmer Stadium

Players’ Demand for More Stadiums of Ligue 1 and La Liga

As some facts mentioned above, many players begin to accuse EA Sports for its preference for the Premier League. Not only for the players but also for stadiums. So on the one hand, they hope to see more stadiums of LIgue 1 and La Liga. On the other hand, they hope that the game can be more diversified. After all, the slogan for FIFA 18 is : the world’s game fueled by the world’s best. So it cannot attach great importance to just one league. Maybe they want to occupy the market at first and then they will expand. So Players’ demand for more stadiums of Ligue 1 and La Liga must be satisfied later. FIFA 18 will be improved a lot in every aspect. So just choose it for the next season. Our website will support you players with our cheap FIFA 18 Comfort Trade. You just need to leave us your ID number and we will provide you with sufficient FIFA 18 coins.
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